Fox News question

I was going to write a post about Fox News, given that the channel is now celebrating their 10th anniversary on the air (BuzzMachine has an interesting tribute, where he says that FNC has succeeded because they’ve injected personality into the news). My point was going to be that the channel has succeeded not because of personality, and not because of their conservative politics, and not even because of their flashier graphics and the like, but because of their policy of almost always bringing on two commentators from opposite sides of the debate to argue about whatever subject is being discussed, whether it’s a news show or a commentary show: in that way viewers have a better chance of getting the bigger picture, regardless of the biases of the host or producers. But I can’t write it because I don’t know for sure whether that’s a true Fox News innovation. Do other cable news channels, or network news shows, have that same kind of approach, and I’m just not aware of it? And if so, did they do it before Fox News was around? Does anybody know?

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