Highbrow content on YouTube

Apparently there’s more on YouTube than just lip-synching kids and cats playing on people’s computers. And 80’s videos. I should have thought before to look for the real classic stuff but it hadn’t even occurred to me.

Anyway, cultural critic Terry Teachout has done the research, and if you go to his site, and check out the right sidebar he’s got a real plethora of great video links. Mel Torme, Miles Davis, Django Reinhardt, a whole bunch of classical performances, and a lot of other good stuff. It’s a real treat, if you’re into that kind of thing; no offense to the cats and lip-synchers of the world. Search for “Satchmo” until you get to the sidebar.

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  1. Peter Says:

    It’s funny you should post this today. I’ll spare you the backstory, but just last night I was searching YouTube for videos of Andreas Scholl (he’s a counter-tenor) and by extension, found a bunch of opera videos. An un-related search found a bunch of Kronos Quartet videos as well.

    This may not be highbrow, although it’s still a step above (in my opinion anyway) watching some guy’s mom singing along with her ipod, but YouTube is also great for music clips from the 60s for both French pop and Anglo-American rock.

  2. Yaron Says:

    Ah, really, good to know. I’ll look for some Jacques Dutronc and Gainsbourg. I already looked for The Free Design, my favorite 60’s group, but sadly came up empty.

    Nothing like a countertenor.

    I’m really surprised by how much is available - someone must have been recording all those variety shows in the 50’s through 70’s.

  3. Highbrow content on YouTube - Music video news Says:

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  4. Bennett Says:

    Hey guys,
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