Gone till December

Things have been busy lately, of course, and it looks they’ll stay busy for the next month and a half… in the interests of keeping people informed, and in lieu of continuous Twitter feeds, I figured I’d share my upcoming plans:

  • This weekend and part of next week, I’ll be in California for the Google Summer of Code Mentors’ Summit, and to visit the Wikimedia Foundation people again.
  • While there, I may or may not also be attending this party.
  • The weekend after that is… Halloween.
  • The weekend after that, my lovely wife and I will be jetting off to Karlsruhe, Germany for SMW Camp 2009.
  • After that’s over, we’ll be flying to a few cities in Southern Europe for a few weeks for our honeymoon. European vacay - champagne and cigarettes!
  • Then it’s time for Thanksgiving.
  • A week and a half after that, I’ll most likely be flying to Shanghai to talk about Semantic MediaWiki at the Asian Semantic Web Conference.

I’m looking forward to the honeymoon, but otherwise I don’t know how well this new role of international jet-setter fits me… hopefully 2010 will be calmer all around.

3 Responses to “Gone till December”

  1. Mingkai Dong Says:

    How long will you stay in China? Do you plan to visit Beijing?
    Wish you a happy honeymoon!

  2. Yaron Says:

    Thanks! I’ll probably be there about a week, but I’ll probably just stay around Shanghai the whole time. I’d love to go to Beijing at some point; hopefully there’ll be an opportunity before too long.

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