Announcing Semantic Internal Objects

My latest extension: Semantic Internal Objects; this is either number 10 or 12, depending on how you count it; which is hard to believe. What is Semantic Internal Objects? In short, it lets you encode compound information, or what’s sometimes known as “n-ary relations“, within Semantic MediaWiki. If you want to record that, say, someone is president of a country, you can do that easily with SMW. But if you want to record that that person was president from a certain year to a certain other year, that hasn’t been possible in SMW until now, because it can’t be represented as a simple relationship (okay, actually, it has been possible, through multi-value properties, but I don’t consider those an ideal solution for various reasons). Semantic Internal Objects (SIO), in short, lets you do that, using a new parser function. I’m very excited about this extension; I think it’ll open up a lot of possibilities for various SMW-based websites, but we’ll see…

2 Responses to “Announcing Semantic Internal Objects”

  1. davidm Says:

    From what I understand, this extension has tremendous potential, but should be explained better and with better examples. Why “internal object” and why wouldn’t you use start date / end date for your example?

  2. Yaron Says:

    Okay, on the off chance you’re still checking these comments: I called it “internal objects” because what’s being created are objects internal to each page; it’s a bit esoteric, but I couldn’t think of anything better (can you?) Also, what example are you talking about?