Back from Wikimania

I got back four days ago from Wikimania in Alexandria; I haven’t had that much free time since then, between resting a lot, and trying to take care of a bunch of issues that come up during the week I was gone, and entertaining some people. Anyway, the conference was great, and Egypt was quite interesting too, though an exhausting country to visit. I saw a good amount of Alexandria, and after the conference I spent a day in Cairo and right-nearby Giza with some other people from the conference (that would be “Wikimaniacs”), where we saw some pyramids and the Sphinx. I have a bunch of photos, from then and from the conference itself, that I hope to upload soon.

As for the conference, I met some very interesting people, saw some amazing talks, and had a lot of nice conversations about all manner of wiki-things. I sent an email to the Semantic Forms mailing list summarizing the technical aspects of the conference, which you can read here.

My own presentation went fine, I thought. All presentations were videotaped, though mine, like the vast majority of them, still isn’t online, which makes me fear that it might not be available for a good while, if ever. Anyway, I uploaded the slide show that I used for the presentation;
here it is, in PDF form.

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